A gymnerd with a camera


So who am I? I am a former ballet dancer, current engineer, and an avid gymnastics fan with a passion for photography. I love combining my love for gymnastics and photography and it also helps me to stay relaxed during meets! Otherwise I get far too wrapped up in the competition, so photography gives me another way to focus my attention. I'm originally from the UK, but since moving to the US nearly 18 years ago, I spent many years in the Los Angeles area before moving to Seattle after graduating from UCLA. While at UCLA I attended every single UCLA gymnastics home meet during my four years there and joined the "Street Team" in my senior year where I helped to promote the meets and sold team merchandise.

Currently I take photos at the University of Washington women's NCAA gymnastic team's home meets and enjoy every second of it! It has been a joy to help document their 2017 season, including their historic team qualification to Nationals for the first time since 1998.

I have been fortunate enough to attend many gymnastics meets over the past 8 years, including the 2012 & 2016 Olympic Trials, 2016 Pac Rims, 2013 NCAA Nationals, many UCLA meets, and many University of Washington meets. Here I am in full gymnerd/tourist attire while meeting Olympic champion Shannon Miller at the 2016 Pacific Rim Competition in Everett, WA:

Meeting Shannon Miller
Photo taken by John Cheng of USA Gymnastics